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  • Cheap SSD VPS Hosting,USA and Europe SSD Virtual Server Hosting
    What's SSD Cached VPS?  Basically if you need the space (or it's cheaper and performance is still good enough for your needs) go with SSD-Cached VPS. If you need every bit of performance, and don't need a lot of space go for an Pure SSD VPS. Location of our SSD Virtual Server Hosting (Linux & Windows) USA SSD VPS: Los Angeles,Seattle(West Coast) - Dallas,,Chicago,Atlanta - Miami,New Jersey(East Coast) Europe SSD VPS: Amsterdam,Netherlands - Paris,French - London,UK  - Frankfurt,Germany Asia SSD VPS: Tokyo,Japan  - Sydney, Australia  - Hong Kong - Singrapore Cheap SSD Windows VPS Plans Most Windows SSD VPS are based on KVM Most provide Windows 2008 64bit. Some...
  • Windows VPS Hosting Plans(Windows 2012 VPS, Win 2003 VPS,2008 R2)
    ComfortVPS found lots of providers who provide Windows VPS Hosting Plans include Windows 2008 VPS, Windows 2003 VPS, Windows 2012 VPS. even Windows 2016 VPS ! You can access Windows VPS via Remote Desktop with 3389 port by default or VNC via our client area.Please choose the Windows Operating System you want at next step after click the order now button.  Those Windows VPS are located on different locations. the most popular locations are Los Angeles,CA, Silicon Valley,CA(​West Coast USA), Phoenix,AZ, Seattle,WA,Las Vegas,NV  Dallas,Texas, Chicago,Illinois, Miami,Florida(Southeast USA) and New York,NYC, New Jersey(East Coast of USA), United Kingdom(UK,Europe),Australia,Germany,France,Japan,Singapore... Please confirm the location is you want at next step...
  • Comfort Linux VPS Hosting & Windows VPS Hosting
    ComfortVPS provides Linux VPS Hosting (XEN VPS & KVM VPS) and Windows VPS Hosting in 15+ datacenters with unbelievable price. Our plans are unmanaged and come with a 3 Day Risk Free Money Back Guarantee. Which means you can get back all your money if you are not satisfied within 3 days after ordering your first VPS from us. Try our comfort Windows and KVM/Xen VPS below without risk! Our VPS locations are:  USA(Los Angeles, Phoenix, Seattle,Las Vegas,Dallas,Chicago,Miami,New York,New Jersey,Atlanta,Silicon Valley) Europe(Netherlands,French,UK,Germany)  Japan, Australia,Singapore,Hong Kong, Please click here to see our Windows VPS Plans, and below are our  Linux VPS Plans XEN VPS Linux VPS Hosting Dedicated...
  • Seattle VPS Hosting,Cheap Seattle VPS Server in West Coast,USA
    Do you want a VPS Server in Seattle,West Coast,USA ? ComfortVPS provide cheap Seattle VPS Hosting at low price.   Seattle VPS Hosting Test IP: » Seattle VPS Server  Ping Test ip:   - Only available for Ram>=512MB Xen vps plans Order Seattle VPS Hosting:   Please go Xen VPS for order our Seattle VPS, and do not forget select Seattle location from the order page ​ Seattle is a coastal seaport city and the seat of King County, in the U.S. state of Washington. With an estimated 634,535 residents as of 2012, Seattle is the largest city in the Pacific Northwest region
  • Unmetered VPS Hosting, Unmetered Bandwidth VPS
    Amazing! Some provider lunched their Unmetered Bandwidth VPS Hosting with 1Gbps port or 100Mbps port ! Unmetered Bandwidth VPS, Bandwidth Unlimited or Transfer Unmetered VPS can meet every one of the bandwidth or transfer requirements of the active web site.  For Unmetered Bandwidth VPS, they will never suspend VPS's for bandwidth overages, or charge for extra bandwidth or transfer. How to buy Unmetered VPS Hosting?  Check below Unmetered Bandwidth or Unlimted Bandwidth VPS plan, and click Order link to buy it! 
  • California VPS Hosting, Cheap Linux Xen VPS in West Coast USA
    Want a US California VPS Hosting? We provide Cheap California Linux Xen VPS in West Coast USA with good connection to Asia. California Xen VPS start at $4.95 with 3 day money back guarantee. Our US VPS located in different datacenters in USA West Coast, such as Los Angeles,California,US,  Phoenix,Arizona,US, Seattle,Washington,US. Get your US California VPS today! California VPS Hosting: Budget Xen VPS - Budget California Xen VPS with price start at $4.95/month Enterprise Xen VPS - Ram start at 2GB, very good performance and stability Big Memory VPS - Ram start at 4GB, excellent for game server or some programe need huge memory OpenVZ Cheap VPS...