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VPS Provider: DomFlow ( Offical Website of DomFlow )

Brief of DomFlow

DomFlow founded in 2014, Offers 5 Day Money Back Guarantee

They own a Datacenter in Milan, Italy and have 2 additional cage in France and Canada. TOS

DomFlow Coupon Code

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DomFlow Test IP/Network

Milan wf2 - v Caldera 21 :Test IPv4:

Test files: 50MB 100MB 700MB

Germany Frankfurt Test IPv4:

Test IPv6: 2a01:4f8:120:94af:1:1:13f9:8e5f

Test files: 50MB 100MB

Strasbourg - France Test IPv4:

Test files: 50MB 100MB 700MB

More information of DomFlow

CloudFlow Hybrid Cloud is a HA IaaS platform that allow you to create, destroy, manage one server or entire datacenter. Based on SSD disks and virtual storage technology, your data will be written in 4 different hypervisor between two datacenter. You will also able to hot migrate your data from VM to Smart Server and vice-versa.

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Updated at 2018-01-21

DomFlow Reviews and Comments

  • SeFlow User:
    The performance is awesome! So i could suggest it .
    #24, 2018-01-21 13:58:21, Reply
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