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Singapore Windows VPS Hosting,Cheap Singapore VPS(KVM,SSD)

Do you want a Cheap Singapore VPS Hosting in Singapore? ComfortVPS found below Cheap Singapore Windows VPS Hosting(based on KVM),Linux Singapore VPS Server(SSD DISK) at low price. Singapore VPS is one of the best location if your customers in Singapore, Korea,Japan, Taiwan,China,HongKong,Philippines, Tailand will have good speed to Singapore VPS too. Singapore Windows VPS Singapore Linux VPS

Cheap Singapore‚Äč VPS Hosting:

» Singapore VPS Server test ip

Linux Singapore VPS(XEN VPS) Ping Test IP: Singapore DC #1: and Singapore DC #2:

Singapore‚Äč Windows VPS(KVM VPS) Ping Test IP:

Cheap Singapore VPS Hosting SSD VPS(Linux OS: CentOS,Debian,Ubuntu):

  1. Singapore XEN VPS #1:  512M deciated ram, 1 IP, 15GB SSD DISK, 800GB bandwidth 
  2. Singapore VPS Xen #21GB deciated ram,, 1 IP,20GB SSD Disk, 1000GB bandwidth 
  3. Singapore VPS Xen #32GB deciated ram,, 1 IP,40GB SSD Disk, 1500GB bandwidth 
  4. Promotion for Singapore Linux VPS: You will get 1 free month if you choose quarterly payment!

Cheap Singapore Windows VPS Hosting(Windows 2008 R2 64 bit Evaluation Version based on KVM):

  1. Singapore Windows VPS1GB deciated ram, 20GB SSD DISK, Windows 2008 R2, 1000GB bandwidth 
  2. Singapore Windows VPS: 2GB deciated ram, 40GB SSD DISK, Windows 2008 R2 64 bit, 1500GB bandwidth 

Our Singapore VPS(Singapore VPS Windows VPS) have 2 datacenters, Singapore DC #1 only have Linux OS and support pptp VPN. DC #2 have both windows 2008 R2 and Linux OS, but not support pptp VPN.  And You can choose Windows 2012 R2 with additional fee if you need. Note: Singapore VPS are NOT refundable

Why choose Singapore SSD VPS?

SSD Virtual Private Server IO test result will be 300 MB/sec to 1000 MB/sec,  it much faster disk IO performance than the normal VPS . Why not choose Singapore SSD VPS if the price are almost the same as SATA disk VPS?

Linux SSH disk IO test command: dd if=/dev/zero of=sb-io-test bs=1M count=1k conv=fdatasync
1024+0 records in
1024+0 records out
1073741824 bytes (1.1 GB) copied, 2.52814 s, 425 MB/s

Traceroute result from USA to Singapore VPS :

 # traceroute

 3 (  0.233 ms  0.225 ms  0.208 ms
 4 (  0.448 ms  0.438 ms  0.418 ms
 5 (  10.109 ms (  11.399 ms (  10.130 ms
 6 (  65.526 ms  65.526 ms  65.529 ms
 7 (  225.100 ms  225.090 ms  225.073 ms
 8 (  225.970 ms  225.880 ms  225.862 ms
 9 (  229.379 ms  229.566 ms  229.607 ms
10 (  225.525 ms !X  225.332 ms !X  225.303 ms !X

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