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Xen VPS Hosting Plans (Enterprise Xen VPS)

Our Enterprise Xen VPS Hosting plans now replaced with Enterprise KVM VPS Hosting,  ONLY provide Memory >= 2GB with high preformance. Choose our Enterprise Xen VPS Hosting if you want more stable and more good performance with few Day Money Back Guarantee.  

What is Enterprise Xen VPS Hosting

Enterprise Xen VPS Hosting has High-performance enterprise-grade VPS service: < 50% VPS clients and CPU Load. It take advantage of Enterprise hardware at a very affordable price. These Xen VPS have the ability to compete with dedicated servers but at a cheaper and more affordable price.
Enterprise Xen VPS give you more resource and less limit than our budget xen vps. We don't put low RAM xen vps on the node of Enterprise Xen VPS, which means we can crontol the number are 5 to 15 Enterprise Xen VPS clients per node.
Again, Our Enterprise Xen VPS Hosting plans ONLY provide RAM more than 2GB, Please check our Budget Xen VPS for RAM less than 2GB with price start with $4.95.

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