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Comfort VPS Server FAQ

  1. Where is your VPS server located?
    Our VPS Server Locations are Los Angeles,CA,USA ( 5 different LA Datacenters)  ,  Phoenix,AZ,USA  , Las Vegas,NV,USA and  Seattle,WA,USA. New York,NY,USA(coming soon) We create Xen VPS on different server based on memory for performance. You can find test IP in VPS Speed Test page.
  2. Do you have refund policy?
    Yes, We offer a 3 day(72 hours) risk free money back guarantee on our plans for your first Linux Xen VPS. Which means you can get full refund if you don't satisfied within 72 hours after ordering your first Linux Xen VPS from us.(Note: Windows VPS are NOT refundable)  Please open a ticket to billing if you want refund within 3 days. Please click here for details of our Refund Policy.
  3. Do you offer VPS backup?
    NO, Our plans are completely unmanaged so you need backup data your self.
  4. How long does it take to setup a VPS?
    VPS's are manually activated and can take 30 minutes to 24 hours after we receive your payment. however the average time is roughly  1-3 hours for Linux VPS and 3-12 hours for Windows VPS.
  5. What payment methods you accepting?
    We accepting: PayPal, Credit Card via paypal, Payza(Alertpay)
  6. Which OS do you offer?
    CentOS 5.x , Centos 6.x , Debian6.x , Debian7.x , Fedora , Ubuntu12.x , Ubuntu13.x  32bit and 64bit
    Windows 2008 VPS,Windows 2003 and Windows 2012, FreeBSD VPS
  7. Can I upgrade my VPS?
    Yes, upgrade RAM will no need reload os, but upgrade space will need os reload.
  8. What if I go over my monthly network data transfer?
    Transfer quotas are soft caps and if you go over by a few GB we usually won't invoice. We also send an e-mail when you reach 90% of your monthly quota. If you believe you will have overages consistently, you can purchase additional transfer or upgrade to the next plan level. Additional transfer is $0.10/GB.
  9. Where is your TOS and AUP?
  10. How to connect to the VPS? Can I reboot and reload os for my vps myself?
    Yes, please follow the tutorials:
    Free SSH client for windows (How to connect and control Linux VPS)
    How to reboot my vps if I can't ssh login?
    How to reload os for my vps?
    How to change root password if I can't ssh login?
  11. Why I can't send email via 25 port?
    Lots of spamer use 25 port to send mail. By default port 25 was forbidden, please use 3rd party SMTP service with 465 or 587 port if you need send order email and register welcome email from your website. eg. Gmail, Hotmail
    SMTP tutorial: How to send email via SMTP with PHP and Gmail / Hotmail
  12. Can I Earn Money from Referring VPS Customers?
    Yes, you are welcome! More details are here: Earn Money

  13. I want to buy a cPanel/WHM, how much for cPanel/WHM?
    It's $14.95/month for cPanel/WHM VPS license, include Free Installation, Order it from LicensePal

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