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Large Storage VPS, Big Disk Space VPS,Backup VPS

Most Large Storage VPS based on OpenVZ. So all the users who need large backup or storage disk can share the space left on the server, and the provider can guarantee the memory and disk space of your VPS with cheaper cost than KVM or XEN , Lots of  Big Disk Space VPS also comes with 3-7 Day Money Back Guarantee if you are a new client to them. Try it without risk!  We already selected some storage vps with min disk space >= 100GB below, take a look below!

Can I buy additional IP or Ram for big storage vps?

Yes you can, Please click "Order" link below to see the options for the add-ons.

Why choose VPS with Large Disk Space?
You will need more disk space when your website/business grow up. Move to another vps or ugprade always have some risk. You're never wrong to prepare a large disk space VPS. VPS with Large Disk HDD(Hard drive,HD) can give you more space to store your files.(Backup VPS)
Can I use the Large Space VPS for website?

Most large space VPS with Big Disk Space for file backup purpose, so it always coming with lower memeory of same price. This is why you need a  big backup storage. But you can use it for website too, it's up to you. But not allow torrent/p2p/music/movie files.

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