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FreeBSD VPS Hosting, Cheap FreeBSD Server Hosting, 2GB/$29.9

ComfortVPS provide FreeBSD VPS Hosting, Our Cheap FreeBSD Server Hosting start at dedicated RAM 2GB for $29.9/month!

Want Install FreeBSD yourself?  We can mount a freebsd ISO file to let you install freebsd yourself via VNC from our client area!!

Want a special FreeBSD version? We can mount the freebsd iso file of the version you want, 9.x, 8.x, 10.x 32bit or 64bit ,no problem!

Want a ready for use FreeBSD server? OK, we can install a freebsd server for you then send you an email with ssh root password, no other fee!

Our FreeBSD VPS Hosting Plans:

  1. FreeBSD VPS #1: 2GB Dedicated RAM, 25GB Disk Space,8 CPU Cores, Bandwidth: 2000GB, 2 Dedicated IP Addresses,$29.9/month, ORDER NOW
  2. FreeBSD VPS #1: 3GB Dedicated RAM, 35GB Disk Space,8 CPU Cores, Bandwidth: 2500GB, 2 Dedicated IP Addresses,$39.9/month, ORDER NOW
  3. FreeBSD Server #1: 4GB Dedicated RAM, 50GB Disk Space,8 CPU Cores, Bandwidth: 3000GB, 2 Dedicated IP Addresses,$49.9/month, ORDER NOW
  4. FreeBSD Server #2: 8GB Dedicated RAM, 100GB Disk Space,8 CPU Cores, Bandwidth: 5000GB, 4 Dedicated IP Addresses,$89.9/month, ORDER NOW

Cheap FreeBSD Server Hosting Options:

  1. You can choose location for your FreeBSD Server Hosting, such as Los Angels, Phoenix, Seattle, New York
  2. You can add extra IPs to your cheap FreeBSD Server Hosting. Please click order now to see the price.
  3. Or you can try other Operating System such as Centos, Debian, Ubuntu instead of FreeBSD 

What's next after place the freebsd vps order?

  1. Please make a payment first after place the freebsd vps order
  2. You can submit a ticket via client area to let us know your freebsd installation requirement,such as waht freebsd version, 32bit or 64bit, you want install freebsd yourself or need we install it for you.
  3. We will send email to you when everything is ready, it usually will take 3-24 hours after you submit the ticket


FreeBSD VPS VNC installatioin screenshot:



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