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Minecraft VPS Server Hosting, Minecraft Hosting for Your Own Minecraft Server

We provide Enterprise Minecraft VPS Server Hosting, Setup Your Own Minecraft Server today!!! Our Minecraft VPS are based on Xen VPS, good preformance for java apps.

You can host at least 50+ Minecraft game players at the same time by choose our Large Memory VPS Plans start at $24 per month! 

Minecraft tends to be memory intensive depending on the server setup, Please make sure that you select the right package for your server.

Minecraft Hosting

  1. Minecraft Hosting host up to 15 game players - RAM 1GB - $8.95/month - Order Now
  2. Minecraft Hosting host up to 30 game players - RAM 2GB - $14.95/month - Order Now
  3. Minecraft Hosting host up to 60 game players - RAM 4GB - $39.9/month - Order Now - $23.9 for 1st Month - HOT
  4. Minecraft Hosting host up to 90 game players - RAM 6GB - $59.9/month - Order Now - $35.9 for 1st Month
  5. Minecraft Hosting host up to 120 game players - RAM 8GB - $79.9/month - Order Now - $47.9 for 1st Month

How to get 1st month discount for Minecraft Hosting?

Just click the Order Now link on this page, the 1st month discount will apply when you go to Next page.

How to setup your Own Minecraft server?

You need to buy our Minecraft Hosting first, choose Ubuntu Linux OS when place the order, then follow this "setup your own minecraft server" tutorial to Setting up a Minecraft server.

What is a Minecraft VPS Server Hosting?

A Minecraft VPS Server Hosting ensures that you and your fellow users will have access to guaranteed server resources to ensure the stability and usability of your own Minecraft server. Having a dedicated Xen VPS means that your server will not be sharing resources with other applications or users, and guarantees problem free use of your Minecraft server.


Where is your Minecraft VPS Server located?

Our Minecraft VPS Server located Los Angeles, California, West Coast of USA.
Speed is very fast for all USA and Canada players and accessable for Asia and Europe players.


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