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Make Money from Referring VPS Customers to Us

  1. You will earn 15% commission for every VPS order that comes via your referral link from your website/facebook/twitter/post
  2. Commission paid on recurring revenue, not just one-time payout! Client you refer renew every month, you earn 15% every month
  3. What's you need to do is copy and post Your Referral Link to your website/facebook/twitter/post
  4. We track the visitors you refer to us using cookies, so users you refer don't have to purchase instantly for you to receive your commission. Cookies last for up to 90 days following the initial visit.
  5. Earn money every month! 

To join ComfortVPS Affiliate program, just need 30 seconds to get start, Click Here!


How do I sign up?

It's easy! To join ComfortVPS Affiliate program, just need 30 seconds to get start, Click Here!

How much will I get paid?

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) - 15% commission for every VPS order and every month if they renew

When do I get paid?

For add to your own account credit blance request: Your aff balance must be at least USD $10.  Payments are sent out within 24 hours when you open a ticket ask for it. For fraud prevention we hold the funds for 30 days before releasing it to you. You can use credit for renew or buy new VPS for you own.

For withdraw to paypal request: Before commissions are paid your aff balance must be at least USD $20. Payments are sent out within 3 days when you open a ticket ask for it. For fraud prevention we hold the funds for 60 days before releasing it to you. The payment will be sent using PayPal.  

What payment options do you have?

  1. We can add it as your own account credit blance, You can use credit for renew or buy new VPS for you own.
  2. We can send to your paypal account. This will have a $2 paypal transfer fee.

How much does it cost becoming an affiliate?

Becoming an affiliate partner with ComfortVPS is completely free, and it only takes a few minutes to get started.

How much money can I make?

There is no limit. You can earn as much commission as you can generate. All depends on how many customers you refer.

How are sales tracked?

Sales are tracked using cookies that expire after 90 days. If a visitor that you refer to ComfortVPS website doesn't sign up straight away, if they return within the time frame and sign up, you will still be credited with the sales commission! Our cookies do not collect personal data regarding the customers you refer.

I'm already an affiliate. How do I login?

Affiliates can login thru the client interface.

Do I have to have a web site to be an affiliate?

No, you do not. You can add your link to facebook/twitter/some forum post/email/msn

Am I required to place a link on my web site?

While it is not a condition of joining our affiliate program, it is the best way of earning commissions.

Can I use my commission towards my own vps fees?

Yes, you can use your commission towards your ComfortVPS service fees if you have such. Please contact us to have your commissions placed as credits towards your account.

How do I know how many sales and commissions I have earned?

Sales activity such as the number of clickthroughs, conversions and the account status can be tracked through the affiliate program summary and the in-depth stats area of your account.

Do you provide the links ?

We offer a broad range of text links for you to use throughout your site.

Will you help me if I need help in signing up?

Please feel free to go to the support section of our site and submit a sales ticket for assistance. 

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