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5GB Free FTP Storage,Free FTP Account,Free FTP Hosting Service

ComfortVPS provide 5GB Free FTP Storage,active your Free FTP Account for LIFE TIME today.

NOTE: You can only use this Free FTP Hosting Service for personal storage.

How long I can use of your 5GB Free FTP Account?

It's a LIFE TIME free ftp account if you meet our simple request below:

  1. You need have a website with top domain name and already indexed by
  2. Add a text link to your website top domain name index homepage.
    Text: Xen VPS Linkto:
    HTML Code: Xen VPS

  3. That is, keep your website online and you get a life time free ftp storage.
  4. NOTE: Your ftp account and files will be delete if you remove our link from your website. Your can use you free ftp storage as long as you keep our link on your website. 

Free FTP Hosting Service:

5GB Free FTP StorageClick Here to get it

When I can get my Free FTP Storage?

We will manually check your website to see if you meet our requirement. Your ftp account will be active within 24 hours.

I want more than 5GB ftp storage space, can you provide that?

Yes, you can get another 5GB storage space if you add our link to another website with different top domain name.

eg. You will get total 15GB ftp space if you add our link to 3 domain names which has different content.

Or please check our FTP Storage Space with very discounted price.

Any limit for Free FTP Storage?

  1. No limit for file numbers
  2. No limit for file size
  3. Up to 100Mbps port speed
  4. 100GB bandwidth per month


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