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Note of cancel a VPS with Paypal subscription payment

Note of cancel a VPS with Paypal subscription payment:

Paypal subscription payment means that your VPS invoices with will be paid automatically from your Paypal account, without requiring you to login and pay each invoice manually.

If you have any subscription setup in paypal when you cancel a VPS, make sure you login to your paypal and cancel that, if not, paypal will keep sending us payment every month. And when they do, any refund you may request may cost you $3 to cover the fee paypal charged us, even with the refund.


I would like to remind customers that have already setup Paypal subscriptions with us, NOT to make duplicate manual payment. Please check your Paypal account if you already have a subscription with us, and let the subscription make the payment, or simply don't use Paypal subscription at all and make all your renewal payments manually.
Paypal subscriptions is good. However, last month we had a number of customers who double-paid which we have no problems refunding, but some customers initiated Paypal disputes due to their own double payment, which caused some problems for us.
If you plan to cancel your VPS with us, please remember to submit cancellation notices via client area AND cancel your Paypal subscription if you one. Cancellation via our client area does NOT cancel the Paypal subscription.
I humbly seek your cooperation to check if you already have a Paypal subscription, and ensure that you don't make double payments and remember to terminate it if you do not plan to continue with us. If a double payment or terminated payment is made, open a ticket with us and we'll sort it out with you, do not open a dispute with Paypal before you talk to us.


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