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Custom VPS

What's Custom VPS ? We have Budget Xen VPS, Enterprise Xen VPS, Large Disk VPS and Linux Cheap VPS .But if you need something that doesn’t quite fit in with our standard offerings, don’t despair! We'd still love to hear from you and we’re sure we can create a bespoke package that will meet your needs! this is Custom VPS.

We can custom vps like below:

  1. Big ram and lower disk space and less bandwidth or something like that
  2. Different A class IP block VPS, eg. 172.x.x.x  , 69.x.x.x, 50.x.x.x, 108.x.x.x , 198.x.x.x, 216.x.x.x
  3. Special OS required, we can let you install OS yourself use your ISO file
  4. Install software and license for you (eg. Virtualmin, cPanel, Minecraft,VPN)
  5. Install desktop for your CentOS VPS (Require Ram>=1GB)

Our entire team have a wide range of experience and skills and can customize services as per your requirements.

Just Contact Us to discuss your requirements.

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