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Multiple IP VPS Hosting, Multiple IPs address VPS with Many IPs

What is the purpose of having multiple IPs with a VPS ? Our Multiple IP VPS Hosting allow IP usage of SSL hosting, VPN, Application Development,Database Hosting,Firewall/iptables setting, SEO websites(Unique IP Address for each website is ok). Our Multiple IPs address VPS comes with Many IPs start at 5 IPs

The important thing is You can't use the IPs for spam or send bulk email(25 port blocked and can not set rDNS), can't use for DMCA content, can't use for attack or anything against our TOS and AUP ! Please confirm that the IPs are not gonna be used for these, any spam abuse will cause vps termination, no second chance.

IP price of Multiple IP VPS

  1. Max 8 additional IPs for ram between 512M to 1GB xen vps, $2/IP, mininum additional IPs should be 4
  2. Max 15 additional IPs for xen vps with ram 1GB and 2GB, $2/IP, mininum additional IPs should be 8
  3. Max 29 additional IPs for xen vps with ram >= 2GB, $1.5/IP, mininum additional IPs should be 20
  4. Max 50 additional IPs for xen vps with ram >= 3GB, $1.5/IP, mininum additional IPs should be 30

How to buy Multiple IPs address VPS?

  1. Please an order with ram >= 512MB xen vps from Budget Xen VPS or Enterprise Xen VPS or Large Memory VPS with first avaiable location and without select extra IP address . Special VPS can not buy more than 3 extra IPs.
  2. Open a ticket ask for additional IPs, let us know how many IPs you need and what is the purpose of having this multiple IPs. 
  3. We will send you invoice for the IPs. The price is $2/ip for additional ips >=4, $3/ip for additional ips <3
  4. You VPS may need re-create for assign multiple IPs, And you will need buy an offical cPanel license first if you are using a trial cPanel license before we can add extra IPs to your VPS

Can I choose different IP block for website SEO ?

NO, all the multi ips belong to one VPS are same IP block, but we can give you not continuous IP address if you total IPs are less than 20. eg. x.x.x.15 / x.x.x.22 / x.x.x.28 / x.x.x.52 / x.x.x.63  And you will get continuous IPs if your IP number > 10

Can I buy multiple VPSes with different C class / A class Ip block?

Yes, You can buy 3 VPSes with 3 different IP block/Ip range.
VPS #1 have 5 ips with 108.x.x.x block
VPS #2 have 10 ips with 50.x.x.x ip block
VPS #3 have 8 ips with 142.x.x.x ip block

Can I get refund if I don't satisfy with your multi ip vps?

Yes, We have 3 day money back guarantee for our multi IP vps if you don't satisfied with it within 72 hours.

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